Pole Building Garage Doors

If you are building a pole building, look no further for your overhead pole barn garage door needs than Compaan Door.
At Compaan Door, we have been installing and maintaining pole building doors for decades. Your pole building door is likely to be the largest moving piece of machinery in your building, and professionally selecting and installing the right door is an investment for the lifetime of your business, hobby, or even a pole barn home!

Large and Small Installations

Pole Building overhead doors come in all shapes and sizes for maximum versatility. The minimum width of a standard overhead door is 8′. Narrower doors can be made specially, but are more expensive than the 8′ width. However, with many farm implements rapidly being released in larger models, forward thinking agriculture and service professionals are designing for the future. When planning your new shop and door package, you’re better off going too big, than too small. If you are designing a building with large doors they should be specified early in the planning process so building designers can incorporate adequate reinforcing.

Security and Comfort

Some traditional pole buildings are equipped with sliding doors, and there are pros and cons to these types of doors. They provide an option for those looking to build cheaply or for animal containment buildings. However, they do not provide a seal that keeps small animals out, as well as letting drafts of hot and cold air in through the perimeter of the door as soon as a breeze picks up. Overhead Pole Barn Doors solve these permeability challenges since they can be insulated and provide a strong seal. For large overhead pole building doors, generally those above 144 square feet, we recommend an electronic opener such as our reliable LiftMaster Commercial Garage Door Opener.

Pole Building and Pole Barn Maintenance

We repair and maintain the following types of pole building doors, and if you are exploring a new construction project, reach out to our office at 616-392-1155 for a free consultation on your new pole barn overhead doors!

  • Shop Building Overhead Doors
  • Warehouse Garage Doors
  • Secure Business Storage Doors
  • Farm Storage Garage Doors
  • Pole Barn Home Garage Doors
  • Horse Barn Doors
  • Fire Station Overhead Doors

Bringing You the Service You Need

Compaan Door & Operator is a garage door installation company located in Holland Michigan. We offer authorized Garage Door repair & installation for Wayne Dalton Garage Doors, CHI Overhead Garage Doors, Lift Master Openers, Horman Garage Doors, and Linear Openers. You will get great service for any garage brand you can think of at Compaan Door.